What Started the whole thing?

Grandpa's Love of Trains

The Story

The Choo Choo Box is a labor of love brought about by a desire to start a business that could carry my husband and I well into retirement and be a joy to run. We have experienced first hand the excitement young children feel when they hear the sound of a train whistle or see it chugging down the track. We have had great fun with all of our Grandchildren (now 9 of them!) riding on trains, running model trains, visiting model train displays, sharing the experience of creating our own displays and setting up all different configurations of the wooden trains, watching their imaginations take off!. The obsessive nature of the 3-6 year old, their love of trains (be they boy OR girl in our experience) and joy at receiving their own personal "prize" in the mail seemed a great combination. We hope you agree.


Different Adventure Every Month

The ChooChooBox is set up to be a limited subscription, with each box a different destination along the Adventure Tour. Each tour will be 12 months long, so 12 different boxes, 1 for each destination. Those children who continue to be engaged after the full 12 months will then move to Adventure Tour # 2. They will then receive a new map showing where their new adventure will take them.

We keep track of which boxes you have received.

We will be tracking which boxes they have received, so if there is a gap in their receipt of boxes for any reason we will know where to pick up again. EXAMPLE: Initial boxes ordered for little "Jeremy Smith" are on a 3 month Gift; after 5 months you decide to place another order, we will know to restart Jeremy on the 4th destination box. Our records will keep track of all boxes shipped to "Jeremy Smith". The Map showing the destinations as well as the stickers will be placed in the SHOP section for easy replacement if lost or damaged. They can easily be added as an option to any order.